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MARLON HARGRAVE is a veteran Teaching Artist, Acting Coach, Influencer Coach, and Performance Enhancement Coach that specializes in Script Mining and Analysis Techniques, Full Character Development, Public Speaking Techniques, and Performance Enhancement Techniques. He's trained talent starring on Netflix, BET, and Amazon Prime, internationally ranked slam poets, college professors, and internationally recognized comedians, musicians, and public speakers. Marlon's full training spectrum includes actors, poets, comedians, writers, singers, rappers, storytellers, public speakers, models, and influencers.

My Story

Collectively as an acting coach and teaching artist, I've taught 1,000's of students in classroom settings, and well over 100 students were trained privately. I am blessed to be known for my ability to proficiently train actors, comedians, poets, public speakers, rappers, singers, storytellers, influencers, and models in performance enhancement techniques, regardless of age or experience.  In the span of my teaching career, I was honored to be the Head of Acting for the Improv’s, Monologues, and Scenes Project at the Attucks Theater’s Arts Incubator Program, the CCAC Summer Youth Program, Baila Fuzion, and The Venue on 35th St. I also hosted weekly workshops "Actors Open Stage" and "Performers Playground" for 6 straight years. My teaching resume includes adjunct classes at Old Dominion University, adjunct classes and courses at a multitude of elementary, junior, and senior high schools, Young Audiences of Virginia, Camp Rise, and variety of theater camps and after school programs.

My career in the performing arts started in 1986 after joining the Kelsey Collie Playmakers Repertory Company at Howard University. There I trained, performed, and traveled with the elite acting group for local, national, and international tours. After leaving the Washington, DC area in 1994, I attended the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in NYC and graduated with honors. I launched my professional acting career by performing in various plays and being featured in independent films in the New York, Tri-State area. Throughout my career, I've performed on stages in New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami, Bahamas, Ireland, Texas, Baltimore, and Virginia. My stage credits include "Top dog, Underdog", "MacBeth", and the one man show "Nat Turners Last Struggle". Over the years, I've directed several plays including "A Raisin in the Sun", “Finding Chris, My Father”, and “Best of the Virginia Playwrights Forum Short Story Series". I've also appeared in a number of projects streaming on Amazon Prime and short films across the country.

When I'm not working on Actors Endurance business, I freelance as a teaching artist, script analysis specialist, performance enhancement specialist, influencer coach, acting coach, actor, director, producer, host, model, casting director, and script supervisor. 

Marlon Hargrave

I'm always looking forward to making solid connections with talented artists


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