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Peavey T 60 Serial Number

Just purchased a T-60 from a fella and the serial number is: 00291372, it also has a name burned into the front of the guitar above the fretboard which is: Chip Dale. Does anyone know anything about this guitar and why the name is burned into the front of it.

Peavey T 60 Serial Number

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I bought a used T-60 in 1978 and the serial number is 474637. I still have it after all these years. According to your chart that guitar was made between 1990 and 1991. This is certainly a few years after I purchased min in 1978

Well Well Well if it isnt the old t 60. I almost did the same thing as you did. I just finished giving my boyfriend head and I really felt like rubbing some guitar strings against my genitals. So I whipped the peavey out and busted a nut all over it.

: Hi, I just purchased a peavey T60 from a friend I play music with. I too would love to find out it's real worth.. it was manufactured in 82. i love playing it, It really plays and sounds great. Can you tell me if you ever found a source for a price list. thank you, mike: I pulled my old Peavey T-60 out of the basement...have never played it much. I'm wondering when it was made..if it is pre or post 1980??

The 01389793 is a 1983 model, unfortunatly thats the best I can do since Peavey really didn't keep track of production numbers very goodthe production numbers for 1983 ran from 0130 to 0169 so you can pretty well tell that it was produced early 1983

I have a T-60, white with maple dot neck. Great guitar!! I contacted Peavey a couple of years ago, and they told me their serial/numbering system was not very good, and said there was really no way to tell what year it was made. From what I understand they started making them in about 76 up until about 84.

Try website. While you are there download a manual and see what a wonderful instrument this is. I have one, black with black rosewood fingerboard and pearl dots.My serial number starts with 011 there must have been plenty sold. I saw one (natural color) for sale in a pawn shop. They wanted $600.Canadian

I worked in music retail as a luthier and electronics technician for many years. I remember a few Peavey dealers having a T-60 in the shop as a sample. These guitars had serial numbers comprised of nothing but zeros. Example: 000000.

Excellent condition featuring double cutaway ash body with black finish, multi-ply black and white pickguard, two Peavey full range humbucking pickups with black pickup surrounds, three way pickup selector switch, two volume controls and two tone controls with aluminum knurled Peavey "P" knobs, phase switch, Peavey bridge with six individual adjustable block saddles, two piece hard rock maple neck, rosewood fingerboard with pearloid dot inlays starting at the third fret, aluminum nut, maple Peavey peghead with Peavey T-60 logos and Made in USA, single triangular metal string tree, multi-ply black and white truss rod cover, six in a line sealed tuning machines, serial number impressed into the back of the peghead, four bolt neck fastening plate with Peavey logo, string through body construction with six individual metal ferrules, two metal strap buttons and original plastic injection molded hard shell Peavey case.

My husband recieved this from his father when he passed away. It is very nice..It came with this hard case which I believe is the orginal case.This guitar is number 13 of this series.Can anyone tell me what this might be worth. I am just curious with it being a Peavey and also being a number 13.Thank you for all imput. 041b061a72


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